We want everyone to participate in sports forever. Learn More

We want everyone to stay in sports for life.

70% of kids stop playing organized sports by the age of 13 because “it’s just not fun anymore.” 

We want to eliminate the confusion and noise relating to athlete development through credible knowledge and ‘how to’ experience. Through our travels, we’ve connected with sport expertise on a variety of topics. Our purpose is to share that information with you and encourage the kids to ‘Just Go Play’.


We offer small group training, team training, and personal training for beginners, intermediate athletes, and high performance athletes.

connecting with the athletes

We work with parents to learn how to connect with their kids to help build their confidence, have fun, and want to stay in sports. 


We are a team from different backgrounds bonded together by the way sports positively impacted our lives. We want to help build confidence and competence in your athletic abilities so that everyone stay in sports for life. Learn more about how we can help you build positive sport experiences.


We want to share our knowledge, insights, and tips to help you enjoy the game.

Check out our resources including videos on our YouTube Channel and Podcast where we talk about ways parents can engage to make sport experiences more positive and key insights from industry experts who live the game day in and day out.